Rota Trailer produce different types of LPG Tanker trailer lile as two axle, three axle,four axle LPG tanker Trailer.

Any various LPG  products can be carried with LPG Tanker Trailer.

LPG storage tank semi-trailer produce with latest technology and best quality.

We use flow meter and pump for discharging LPG Tanker Trailer production. We use quality sheet metal “ Eregli Demir Celi kor import material ) for LPG Tanker Trialer production so that ST material on body of tank for 11 or 12 mm thickness.

LPG Tanker trailer size and volüme can be produced according to the customer requests.

ROTA Trailer produce LPG Tanker Trailer between 20 Cbm to 75 Cbm with hydrostatic test and TUV Inspection as per customer requests.

Quality certifications: 

Tanks have been designed according to AD-MERKBLATT (AD 2000 CODE) and EN 13530; in case of request according to ASME as well. Design calculations and projects have been inspected and approved by Germanischer Llyod, Türk Loydu, Bureau Veritas, Ebetam (Mirtec) or upon request TÜV SÜD. 
We have the quality system certification “ISO 9001:2008” as well as the “CE” and “Π” marking. 
The third part inspections for all of our products are done by GL, TL, BVQ, Mirtec or TÜV.  
General material quality and the tests: 
The material that will be used in production has been described in the design. This material is stainless steel which is suitable for using at pressure vessels in cold service. The material for the shell and heads are defined below: 
 P 355 GH ( EN 10028-2 )  
 P 355 NH ( EN  10028-3) 
 P 355 NL1/ NL2 ( EN 10028-3 ), 
 EN 1.4307 (304 L) (EN 10028-7) (For cryogenic tanks) 
 P460 NL1  
 P460 NL2 
Selection of this material has been approved with the design and is in accordance with German DIN and AD 2000 Code. 
Material purchases are being performed with manufacturer certificates as per the requirements of 3.1C. Product numbers are cold stamped on the material and prior to processing both the production numbers and the certificates are controlled by GL, TL, BVQ, Mirtec or TÜV. 
The tests of the tanks are done in our factory by GL, TL, BVQ, Mirtec or TÜV. After the montage onsite, the second test is not being carried out by our company. 
Fabrication-General applications 
Shell plates are being processed by the pre-rolled rolling machine. Special tools are being used in order to obtain perfect fitting of the heads, so that circumference is guaranteed. 
Below 10m³ tanks, head diameters are standardized in between 1.000, 1.200 and 1.600 mm. Heads have been formed in sensitive double effect press equipment and have been heat treated, so that all heads are standardized, by been produced at the same dimensions and with regular thickness. Tanks above 10 m3 have the diameters which are produced via special methods and the total tension is eliminated in special ovens by heat treatment. 
Welders and welding operators have been tested and certified by the GL and TL. 
Welding procedures, welding wire, and flux have been inspected and approved by the GL and TL. 
After the fabrication and hydro-test, the tanks surfaces are being cleaned at least SA 2 ½ surface cleaning standards. Generally steel plates are cleaned at least SA 2 ½ quality and painted before the fabrication. 
Surface protection (painting) is being done by means of 30 microns of white protection coat. Total thickness of paint is between 90-100 microns. (protection + final coat). 
The production, documentation and the tests of tanks are being inspected and certified by GL, TL, BVQ, Mirtec or TÜV. 

Design Conditions:

Volume 62 m³ -62.000lt-
Material (Steel plates) EN 10028-2 / P355 GH
Design Code AD Merkblatt 2000 – EN12493
Medium LPG-Propan
Type Horizontal-Semi trailer type
Working pressure 17.5 Bar
Design pressure 17.5 Bar
Hydrostatic Test pressure 22.75 Bar
Operation temperature - 40º C / +50ºC
Design temperature - 40º C / +50ºC
Radiographic control %100 for ‘T’, ‘C’ and ‘L’
Welding factor = 1
Corrosion = 2
Dished heads: to be formed by ROTA /Türkiye
Third part inspection: Inspection Certificate by TÜV SÜD
Insulation -
Baffles 4
Manhole 1 (On the back dished end of the tank, 20” diameter)
Drying Following pressure test, vessel dried by compressed air

Level Gauge  –  Rotogauge 1” diameter
Safety Valves – REGO  x 2 pcs /For semi-trailer set at 21 Bar
Operation Valves  
Hydrolic valves -1 pc 3”; 2 pcs 2” and 1 pcs. Hydrolic operator
Manometer - Brand Name: Pakkens (Pressure gauge with valves)
Liquid filling: 2” sprayfill supplied with excess flow valve size 2”
Flange 300 lbs.RF/ACME coupling adaptor made of brass(31/2”dia  for liquid phase ACME mail)
Drain valve 1” diameter; incorporated with excess flow valve
Thermometer and thermometer probe (-30 / + 80 C)
Filling and discharging hoses (shall be located to the both sides of the tank)  Hose Boxes:
2 hose boxes on both side of the semitrailer,160- 200 mm in  diameter.    Lockable; approx. Length 4500 mm.
The tank and the valve house will be painted to ‘White’ as defined above  Information about the valve house:
The valve house will be built by the steel plates and will be located to the rear part of the tank. The valve house will include the operation valves and the hydrolic operator 

Additional accessories: 
1 number plate 
1 vessel nameplate 
1 load sign 
3 danger/warning notes 
2 skid-pans with support 
1 earth clip 
 Operation, maintenance manuals and all documentation to be provided in English.  
 Fenders made of thermoplastic type and very easy to replace, fitted above rear axles wheel of semitrailer. 
 1- spare wheel carrier                                                                  
 One tool box fitted on the semi trailer. 
 Two hose carrier fixed on each side of semi-trailer with locking 4.5 m