CONTAINER CARRIER semi-trailer production

Rota Trailer produce different types of FLATBED semi-trailer and CONTAINER CARRIER semi-trailer lile as Flatbed semi-trailer,Container carrier semi-trailer,Skeletal trailer,Tipping container Flatbed trailer,Platform Flatbed trailer…

Flatbed semi-trailer especially is used for dry loads and container carrier transport.

The Flatbed semi-trailer  production may be varied as per customer demand or requests so that with different specifications from 20 tons up to 80 tons.

ROTA Trailer produce FLATBED semi- Trailer and CONTAINER CARRIER semi-trailer with TUV Inspection as per customer requests.

Suitable for carrying any different sizes containers (20,30,40 feet containers) that can be arranged with twist locks.(4/8/12 locks) It is also possible to carry different materials when side doors added on it.

There are different types of flatbed trailers as follow;

Skeletal Type : is used for carrying containers.İt is too light and very strong type of flatbed trailer.

Sliding Type : can be used same as platform type and skeletal type,however it is also suitable to load long pipes or bigger loads to carry in different locations.

Tipping type : It works with a hydraulic cylinder for liquid carrying containers or bulk loads containers. 

Made by high strength steel. Automatic submerged welding robot after operated in plasma bench and laser. Transportation availability with any kinds of load and road conditions.

Chassis Accessories
Transportation capacity of 24 tons.Telescopic legs bolted from below in compliance with SAE standards “king-pin 385/65/22.5 standardized tires and rims, 4 Ro-Ro spacers 24 inner telescopic proving rings”

Axle and Suspension System

*** SAF Intradisc Plus Integral - 3 x 9 ton axles with air suspension 

*** Drum-type double scissor axles are used, every of them has 12 tons transportation capacity, drum is LOCAL brand.

Brake Systems

*** Wabco EBS 2S / 2M with RSS - Double circuit brake system with Alu air tanks according to EC

*** In compliance with 71/320 regulation of EEC standards. Double-circuit, dry air pressure, EBS (ABS-ALB) functioned 4S/2M brake system is used. Served standard in T-EBS or RSS stabilized anti-rollover systems.


Consists of double cycle telescopic legs each of which has a capacity of 24 tons.


4,8 or 12 locks


King pin compliant with SEA/DIN norms and manufactured from steel (42 Cr Mo 4) which is highly resistant to being cut, stretched and broken off is of flange type and can be disassembled and assembled back.


Tires 6 + 1 pieces of 385/65 R 22.5 sizes. Wheel Rims 6 + 1 piece 11.75V22.5 sizes or double wheel optional to the customer demand.

Electrical System

Lighting system in compliance with EEC standards, sidelights, reflector, 2*7 pinned socket set system is used.

Paint and Surface Protection

Frame is subjected to sanding and surface hardening operation with completely automatic banding system. Later 2 times epoxy primer is practiced. After painting last 2 times with willed RLL code, it is subjected to oven-drying with 60 and 80 degree.

Standard Accessories

Special design rear bumper in compliance with EEC standards, spare wheel well 4 PVC wheel houses, 2 PVC floor mat (for wheel house), 1 water tank 2 rear parking mount roller, side protectors in compliance with EEC standards, tool and food cabinets, tire forklift stopper, rear climbing ladder, tire stop mount, fire extinguisher cabinet, rear warning reflectors sign and warning boards, vehicle introduction labels, Ro-Ro type drum system bumper.


Side doors can be added to flatbed to use for otler dry loads.